Live Edge Challah Board with Handles

Live Edge Challah Board with Handles


"Deesignz By D and H" Challah Boards bring natural beauty to your Shabbat table! Our beautiful and natural wood is hand painted and every piece is unique. After the wood is hand painted, the lettering and designs are layered into the wood and coated with a food- safe resin that protects the wood, gives the piece a thick glossy coat, and keeps bark out of your challah! All "Deesignz By D and H" Challah Boards can be personalized with a couple’s names, names of family members, a wedding date, or any other requested words in Hebrew or English. You can choose from our artwork or email us a copy of your logo to but please put your name and order number in the subject line! 

- Challah boards are approximately 16" x 11-13" and vary in size slightly because of the natural shape of a tree

- Natural Basswood with Bark

- Comes with metal handles attached

What color handles would you like?