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After high school, Deena and Henry took a gap year and were both studying abroad in Israel. Coincidentally, both of their Yeshivas were in Beit Shemesh and they met by chance in Burgers Bar. It was love at first site (depending on whose side you listen to). Long story short, and seven happy years later, they finally decided to get married and now live happily ever after. As a married couple, they looked forward to Shabbat every week. They loved shopping, cooking, preparing and hosting Shabbat meals in their community. One fateful Friday night after dinner, they were clearing the Shabbat table and accidentally dropped their beautiful challah board. It was heavy, made of Jerusalem stone, and it cracked right in half on Henry's foot. He couldn’t walk for two weeks (a story for another time) and the happy couple were in the market for something new. They began to shop around and didn’t see anything they felt was perfect, so decided to make one together. Deesignz by D and H was born and they now spend almost every evening working side by side when they come home from their day jobs. Henry is a biomedical engineer by day and a graphic Deesignz-er by night. He works with each client creating artwork, making proofs and designing each board to perfection. Deena is a chocolatier by day and artist by night. She is the one painting and planning each board. The dynamic duo take raw wood, prime it, paint it, resin it, add text/logo to it, and re-resin until completion. Once the boards are done, they are photographed, wrapped up and taken to be shipped out to their new homes.

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